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ClearZal Callus Creme
ClearZal Callus Creme

A unique triple action formulation – it’s proven to remove calluses!

The working of ClearZal® Callus Crème is very straightforward – with 3 ingredients which work synergistically to maximise the effect.

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The Trichloroacetic Acid softens, exfoliates and removes the dead skin of the callus – the penetration into the epidermis (stratum corneum) is aided by the Salicylic Acid which speeds up the action of the Trichloroacetic Acid.

This allows new, healthy, skin cells to grow through in replacement of the callused skin.

The Urea then hydrates the new skin cells – it does this by attracting and retaining the skin’s natural moisture, Urea increases the moisture binding capacity of the skin and therefore increases the elasticity. This means that the new skin contains healthy and hydrated cells.

The results are fast and visible – dead compacted skin cells which form a callus are very difficult to rehydrate – therefore removing them allows the new healthy skin to replace them.

Using ClearZal® Callus Creme negates the need to use a foot file, therefore, ensuring the new cell growth is healthy. It also makes it easier for you!

ClearZal® Callus Crème is completely unique in the marketplace, and the results are fast to see…in just 2 applications you’ll start to see the difference.